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University of Richmond Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness

The mission of this extensive alteration and addition project was to create an open, inviting recreation facility that featured natural light. The goal was also to give it its own distinct identity to prevent it from being dwarfed by the adjacent, mammoth basketball arena. The design focused on defining a visually strong entry that collected both pedestrian students from adjacent residence halls and off-campus users from an existing parking lot. To provide appropriate scale and identity, a gently arching Peristyle structure was employed to connect the wings of an “L” shaped building footprint that was dictated by site constraints.

Additionally, the large volumes of gym and fitness areas were enclosed with an expansive glass curtainwall. This formed a simple backdrop to the prominent Peristyle entry while also providing abundant daylight and good views to an entrance courtyard. The glass curtainwall also provides a brilliant vision in the evenings with the building glowing with energy and movement.

One of the most actively and universally utilized buildings on campus, the Weinstein Center exceeded every expectation, providing for both the growth of existing programs and the implementation of new initiatives. The facility has become one of the highlights of campus tours with prospective students and their families, making a positive impact on the recruitment and retention of new students, as well as providing students, faculty, staff and the local community with the benefits of wellness and physical fitness programs in an exciting, visually open and ‘feel-good’ environment.

“The University of Richmond made the right choice in selecting Worley Associates as the architects on the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness project. They were open and eager to listen to our ideas and successfully created our vision in their design. Their knowledge and expertise proved invaluable during difficult decision-making times that required creative thinking and problem solving. Furthermore, Worley Associates delivered our project on-time and under budget.”

Thomas Roberts
Director of Campus Recreation, University of Richmond

Client: University of Richmond
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Size: 73,000 square foot addition / alteration

Project Highlights:
  • 3-court gymnasium 
  • jogging track
  • open fitness / exercise space 
  • wellness center
  • 2 group exercise rooms
  • sports club game room / lounge  
  • instructional classroom 
  • student and faculty locker rooms
  • LEED “Gold” Certification
  • adaptive reuse
  • higher education

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