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Army Navy Country Club Master Plan

The historic Army Navy Country Club (ANCC) engaged Worley Associates with a multi-faceted assignment. The first task was to compile programming objectives for important activities and space requirements. The second was to then develop alternative master plans for either expanding and renovating the outdated 1930s clubhouse or building a new clubhouse. The impact on other club activities – such as the golf support and practice facilities, the tennis complex, the swimming pools and parking – were all important considerations. If the new clubhouse option was chosen, it was critical to consider how to maintain all club activities during construction and then how to best use the available land after demolition of the existing clubhouse.

Our firm worked closely with the club planning committee to develop competing conceptual studies to identify the pros and cons to each approach. Once the ideal location for the new clubhouse option was identified, our firm prepared master plans for both alternatives. Zoning height limitations and development plan of development planning stipulations were identified and evaluated. Provision of adequate parking became an extremely important aspect of the alternative master plans.

Ultimately, it was decided to create a new clubhouse. ANCC again engaged our firm to develop a conceptual level plan and elevation studies for the new clubhouse in order to build member support and facilitate with project funding.

Client: Army Navy Country Club
Location: Arlington, VA
Size: 200-acre site & 100,000 square foot clubhouse

Project Highlights:
  • programming project goals and space requirements
  • existing facility evaluation
  • comparison study of renovation/addition vs. new facility
  • site evaluations and study of alternative activity locations
  • overall site master plan
  • improved parking and site circulation
  • consider planning and zoning regulations
  • alternative design schemes for new clubhouse
  • collaboration with multiple club committees and club management
  • presentation of master plan at annual membership meeting
  • long-term client relationship

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